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Tristram Walker Metcalfe lll
I began my career building models of transportation yet I entered Architectural school after considering Aeronautical Engineering and or Industrial Design. This is because I was most attracted to the creative visual potentials in Architectural Design of human built environments. A few years after graduating I was asked to teach 2nd year Architectural Design and after a year teaching I choose to practice full time in my profession.
I had two partnerships, ending in the decade pattern of real estate recessions and have been practicing with Associates now for the recent 26 years through more recessions that we are now working beyond.
My focus in Architecture has followed the greatest demand in renovations but I have always had great interest in the historic values in the built environment. I aspire to excel also in Modern Architectural Design even though limited public awareness of its values has largely lowered demand for it in our country. This is due to the media’s lack of awareness of "Architecture, the Mother of the Arts”. You see the builders mentioned far more often than the design professionals who actually create the real value for civilization. When Media lowers awareness they lower demand and its supply of great Architecture for civilization.
I have spent some time involved in invention due to the inspiration it offers into problem solving design solutions for important human needs. I have several patents with a partner and I also intend to eventually bring forward some concepts that I open sourced several decades ago such as; Deaf Voiced Communication with Phonetic Text Display and Silent Music Recognition, a Blind Visualization Network with Virtual Guide Glove and Wearable Video Capture for seeing eye remote virtual companions. Also I have proprietary concepts still not showing up in the public realm in virtual image focus head mounted display correcting visual disparities. I have a hybrid aircraft concept using the best while eliminating the worst in passive & active lift for a best case concept for maximum safety. From this an efficient pollution free thrust technology was discovered by my partner. It shows immense promise for civilization by our company named Charged Motion Incorporated that we may ultimately license to a consortium of companies that would be hurt by it.
Born: in Queens NYC, NY 1943, Attended: Syracuse University School of Architecture and the  Graduate School of Architecture. Architectural license registrations; New York State, Massachusetts, Connecticut, New Hampshire  and a National Council of Architectural Registration Board Certification. 
Founded: Metcalfe Associates Architecture in1989, and Charged Motion Inc in 2003.
I love the design potentials for humanity that come from the evolution of symbiotic machines to the preservation of the best built in the past that demands saving with the evolving modernism into the future.

full resume

[Resume @ 01-2017] showing Commercial, Municipal and Institutional Projects only


1967 - 68 Syracuse University Graduate School of Architecture, Syracuse, NY

Graduate School Assistantship teaching internship invitation

Created the first Photography Lab

1961 – 67 Syracuse University School of Architecture

Hudson River Museum Addition, Yonkers, N.Y. Thesis Design Study

B.ARCH. degree


2003–Present Charged Motion Inc., 142 Main St., Northampton, Mass.

  • Partnership with Dr. W.T. Cardwell Jr., in a company researching and developing our patented efficiency improvement to a proven technology that historically has very low efficiency.

  • This is a revolutionary form of propulsion using only electricity and no moving parts to move air by charge alone for reaction mass thrust. It directly utilizes the Electro-Static-Force with Electrons from Fuel Cells while avoiding combustion’s inefficient heat and polluting waste.

Computer simulations show a high efficiency potential while it only needs a low 25% to work for vertical takeoff & landing. Once it is empirically proven, then unheard of improvements to civilization can occur connecting everyone everywhere with no ground infrastructure required traveling in maximum safety door to door planet wide. It can become the 5th level of transportation following Internal Combustion, External Combustion, Animal power and Walking.

1989-Present Metcalfe Associates Architecture, 142 Main St., Northampton, Mass

* An Architectural firm with a 46 year Registered Architect and Masters in Architecture Partner Associates. Our associate consultants include; Engineering, Landscape Architecture, Environmental Design & the Construction Managers that support the development of our creative visionary design. * Our goal is to provide the very most important value one can get from an Architect, which is the critically important front end deep design experienced insight that can only come from wide-angle vision to discover the potential solutions that produce the high built value for our client’s projects.

Projects; Commercial Municipal Institutional

  • 2017

  • Feasibility study VFW access and foundation repair Florence, Ma.

  • 2016

  • 206 Elm St. Historic renovation Northampton, Ma. Complete exterior historic preservation and interior restoration renovation with Historic Preservation Tax Credits

  • Feasibility Study 48 Main St Condominiums Northampton, Ma. To convert a 3 story existing restaurant with adding 4 new residential units.

  • Lake House Restaurant renovations Ashfield, Ma. To study structural existing failures combined with renovation additions,

  • Powers Block renovations for 7 apartments and a restaurant Millers Falls, Ma. A total gut restoration including Historic Preservation Tax Credits

  • Gloriosa & Co.Ashfield, Ma.Renovation of the barn with greenhouse addition for this wedding banquet facility with its Bed & Breakfast in the historic Curtis House.

  • Singing Bridge Performing Arts Lodge & Cafe West Cummington, Ma. Renovation of old Remington Lodge for new use.

  • 2015

  • Library Feasibility Study in St.Anne's Church and Rectory Turners Falls, Ma., This study has shown it can completely preserve the historic buildings by creating a building connecting very open modern vertical circulation entrance lobby.

  • North East Native American Cultural Center & MuseumTurners Falls, Ma., Feasibility Study for reuse of the Carnegie Library and all the public land to the south for reconstructions of native architecture while housing a large collection of artifacts with the Nolumbeka Project and the Battle Field Grant.

  • Marriott Hotel feasibility study to fit well into an Historic site in a yet undisclosed Western Massachusetts location.

  • Retirement Community feasibility study in an unused Church and Rectory at a yet undisclosed Western Massachusetts location.

  • ZebuhrHouse (ZH1), Nashua NH, the prior iteration of this housing concept was stopped by the great recession but it has emerged again as a revised project concept this time creating a 26 story “vertical village” of only one tower with over 100 living units from small affordable studios up to 6000 sf luxury units. It is similar to ZH2 & 3 (2009) in our website "Projects" area. Absolute minimums will be approached in electric grid use, grid water use, wastes off site and surrounding sprawl will be reduced to the maximum possible. The "village common" space will have uses of commercial, assembly, parks and neighborhood places for human interaction. This will inspire creative minds as urban environments can do better than solitary rural environments. A main concept is to stop sprawl while preserving undeveloped land with Transfer of Development Rights to this project creating more density.

  • 2014

  • Amherst Media Technology Center Design Competition Amherst Ma, 1 of only 4 invited architects to design in a sensitive Historic district with public community assets.

  • Hospital Hill Veterinary Emergency Village Hill, Northampton, Ma Preserve & restore a 12,000sf historic Coach House as live work residence with Historic Preservation Tax Credits. As it turned out the vast destruction of the Northampton State Hospital that used to surround it ultimately prevented preservation tax credits being awarded killing the project.

  • Erastus Hopkins House Condominiums Northampton, Ma., preserving demolished construction material by salvaging some key elements from the unfortunate demolition of this only documented Under Ground RR building in Western Mass. Failing its relocation intact it is proposed to be reconstructed on the Historic Northampton campus some day.

  • 2013

  • 7 Market Street 1720s Williams House Northampton, Ma., Preserve renovate & restore 3 levels of an nearly 300 year old house near the center of downtown Northampton for residence and future commercial on ground floor.

  • 184 Main Street Raymond Bldg Northampton, Ma., renovate & restore 5 levels into 5 residential units and 2 commercial spaces.

  • Renovation in the Round House Northampton, Ma., design the three floor levels for new offices while preserving the historic structure of both the annex and round house which was an old Coal gas facility.

  • Zea Mays Printing Studio Baystate, Ma Renovate existing mill structure for reuse.

  • 2012

  • 4 Center Court Condominiums Northampton, Ma., renovate & restore 3 levels in existing attached buildings

  • Family Veterinary Center Williamsburg, Ma., moving a hospital to newly renovated space

  • Amherst Media.orgAmherst Ma., feasibility study to reuse the old East Street School for new facilities including the potential reconstruction of burned off attic into an auditorium.

  • Erastus Hopkins House Condominiums Northampton, Ma., finding locations to move this important historic Under Ground RR building ultimately locating the Historic Northampton campus.

  • Dr DeCaro offices W. Hatfield, Ma., new offices in existing building

  • Pioneer Valley Indoor Karting W. Hatfield, Ma., new go-kart facility in existing building

  • Clean Slate Renovation in the Round House Northampton, Ma., design the Annex wing for new offices while preserving the historic structure.

  • 2011

  • 10 West St Multi Building façade West Hatfield, Ma., renovating the façade of an existing furniture showroom and warehouse

  • Round House Historic Preservation Tax Credits Northampton, Ma., design the restoration and rehabilitation for new uses by preserving history and gaining development tax credit subsidy.

  • Old Norwood Hotel Town house Northampton, Ma., renovate burned SRO into 5 town houses

  • Elite Home Health Agency W. Hatfield, Ma., new health agency facility in existing building in shell of an historic hotel over newly renovated 1st floor stores.

  • Vista Dome Café motivate the reuse of a failing unused RR bridge in the center of the city by placing a restored vista dome two story dining car on it.

  • 2010

  • The Heart of Northampton Northampton, Ma., Downtown city park urban design project to increase public awareness concerning the best design potentials for the surrounding city.

  • Western Mass Karate W. Hatfield, Ma., new training facility in existing building

  • REO Living, Conz St, Northampton, Mass. This is a reuse of an old brick 2 story REO Speedwagon dealership into 4 to 8 unique urban apartments with garden roof decks.

  • Karma Café, 48 Main St, Northampton, Mass. 4 story complete structural reconstruction and renovation into Juice Bar, Café, Restaurant, Store, Health Classes.

  • Self Serv Exercise, 99 Main ST, Haydenville, Mass. Renovate an existing kennel in an Animal Hospital into a separate self service exercise business.

  • ZebuhrHouse (ZH2), Nasha NH, a revised project concept by creating a 36 story “vertical village” between only two towers with 600 living units from small affordable studios up to 6000 sf luxury units. It is similar to ZH3 (2009) as Zero electric Grid use, Zero Sprawl, Zero grid Water, and Zero Wastes off site. The village common space will have commercial, assembly, parks and neighborhood spaces for human interaction inspiring creative minds like urban environments can do better than solitary rural environments. The concept can be used anywhere sprawl needs to stopped with TDRs.

  • 2009

  • Nine Mountain Retreats Bed & Breakfast Plainfield, Mass; a code review for renovation to bring up to code of an operating incomplete construction in a non conforming R-1 use.

  • Montague Performing Arts Center Turners Falls, Mass; the restoration an preservation of an historic church and its rectory rehabilitated for a music venue with 3 restaurants and a Bed and Breakfast lodging facility of 9 Bed rooms in the rectory addition. The Church will have a large restaurant and hold the main kitchen to serve 3 dining locations.

  • Zebuhr House (ZH3) Nashua, NH; Design of a 500 unit condominium in a 30 story ‘vertical village’. It planned to be engineered to use Zero Grid energy by utilizing solar and vertical axis wind turbines with bio waste electric generation. It will produce Zero Waste from leaving the site by recycling or co-generating. It will create Zero Sprawl to the undeveloped land nearby by preserving it with Transfer of Development Rights into conservancy as a natural park network for pedestrians, bikes and alternative electric vehicle commuting transportation.

  • Round House ART in Northampton; the design of two historic gas works buildings to become an Arts center for public space in a land trust conservancy, creating 3 Performance & Art gallery venues and a Café, offices, shops. Also a rear park creates public access from a bus station ramped 20 feet in vertical rise into a park connecting all points to the city core.

  • The Fix, 30 Crafts Ave Northampton, Mass, reconstruction of original building facades with new aesthetics & accessibility renovating the interior in a change of use to body rehabilitation.

  • Swift River Institute Turners Falls, Ma. a 14 building campus for a Media Production and Teaching facility planned to restore 220,00 sqft of a 150 year old paper mill rehabilitated into a 21st century ‘digital mill’. It is to have multi use; restaurants, museums, dorms, hotel rooms, conference, exposition spaces performance and sound stages.

  • David Ruggles Center for Early Florence History & Underground Railroad Studies, Florence, Mass. The restoration of an 1850s house plus 3 added live/work condominiums in a new rear barn structure to help support the museum site.

  • 2008

  • R. Michelson Gallery, 132 Main St, Northampton, Mass, window display additions

  • Vertical Axis Wind Turbine research grant application into architectural integration

  • A.P.E. Window Gallery, 126 Main St., Northampton, Mass, 5 level building renovations, including the street façade and space into gallery and revising occupancies and egress.

  • Paradise Copies, Conz St, Northampton, Mass, renovation of a block bank into copy center with restored brick 15 Conz St. into offices. Phase two is to restore the 3 story brick cigar factory into condominium residences.

  • 2007

  • James B Winston Law offices & residence, Main St, Northampton, Mass

  • Family Veterinary Center, Haydenville, Mass, entry addition study

  • River Shark restaurant Amherst, Mass, expansion into new space,

  • West Cummington Church & Parsonage West Cummington, Ma, accessibility ramp & steps

  • Hatfield Feed & Grain, renovation of barn into mercantile, Hatfield, Mass

  • 2006

  • American Benefits, office expansion, Bay State, Mass.

  • Cornucopia foods market redesign, Thorne’s market place Northampton, Mass

  • The Dirty Truth, restaurant, Northampton, Mass.

  • Lorraine’s restaurant , second floor addition, Provincetown, Mass

  • The Old Mill Bed & Breakfast, Hatfield. Mass.

  • 2005

  • New England Center for Cosmetology & Esthetics, Northampton, Mass

  • W.F. Pratt House move historic building & renovation, Northampton, Mass

  • Walnut Street Apartments Northampton, Mass

  • Old School Commons Main entrance addition to Sheehan Building

  • Blue Moon Market and Café EastWorks Building, Easthampton. Mass

  • Aditus renovation of existing 8000 sf industrial bldg. Into Business & teaching use.

  • Asian Market Cafe renovation of existing building, Hadley, Mass.

  • Artisan Gallery renovate existing Main St space

  • Office Building new building, with Dr Cordes offices 6000 sf, Enfield, CT

  • 25 Main St gut rehab of top 3 stories of India Palace building, Northampton, Mass

  • 2004

  • Affordable housing Turkey Hill Rd, Northampton, Mass.

  • Brookfield Farm (Co-op) reconstruction and addition, Amherst, Mass.

  • Tofu, New Restaurant 2 story renovation, exterior awning patio, Northampton, Mass.

  • Family Golf Center, New building, Offices renovation, & Pavilion, Hadley, Mass.

  • Bramble Hill Farm, Store front and freezer / cooler building, Amherst, Mass.

  • Free to Move health retreat Windsor, Mass.

  • Best Western addition, Pool, 20 guest room 21,000 sf addition, Northampton, Mass.

  • 2003

  • Ann Marie Moggio Condominiums retail/offices, Northampton, Mass.

  • Institute for Musical Arts additions & renovations, Goshen Mass.

  • Bramble Hill Farm Amherst Ma., Sheep barn lam pole & elliptic trusses

  • 2002

  • Plainfield Town Hall kitchen renovations, Plainfield, Mass.

  • Bicycle Pavilion Museum feasibility study, @ DEM’s Great Falls Discovery Center.

  • Museum Addition Historic Northampton, Preliminary design 20,000+ sq ft addition

  • Bramble Hill Farm Amherst Ma., Curved arch truss barn

  • 2001

  • Elks Building downtown Northampton, Historic rehab 25,000 sq ft into mixed uses Total renovation 4 use groups 5 levels in 100 year old structure.

  • Great Falls Discovery Center Mass DEM & US Fish& Wildlife, Turners Falls, Mass.

  • 2000

  • Shaw Memorial Library Addition Plainfield, Mass. 4300 sq ft 2 + story addition

  • Guild Art Center downtown Northampton, facade renovation & public walk though.

  • Plainfield Town Hall site parking, entrance vestibule and kitchen renovation.

  • 1999

  • Chesterfield Town Hall new bathroom in historic building.

  • U Mass Medical Center access renovations, Worcester, Mass; Elevator bath rooms gym and exercise facility renovations to 5 buildings on the teaching hospital’s campus.

  • Historic Northampton Three buildings 18th and 19th Century façades and grounds restoration plus total museum continuity fence reconstruction's.

  • 1998

  • Chesterfield Grange Hall renovations bathrooms dining room kitchen & platform lift.

  • U Mass Medical Center Worcester; School, Library & Basic Sciences in teaching Hospital, plus Parking Garage and Power Plant buildings; AAB code access renovations to exercise rooms, toilets, and passenger & freight elevators study.

  • 1997

  • Chapin Mansion Holyoke, Ma preservation & renovations 15 unit veteran's housing.

  • Northampton Community Music Center conversion from old 3 story school building.

  • Red Carpet Inn 2 story addition.

  • Mount Greylock State Park 1933 Memorial Tower & Bascom Lodge accessibility.

  • 1996

  • Cummington Community House platform lift in Auditorium.

  • Plainfield Hathaway Hall new entrance addition, bathrooms & hall renovations.

  • 1995

  • Valley Ingelside Center offices & retail; additions and exterior & interior renovations

  • Western Massachusetts Hospital, Westfield, Mass; AAB access to passenger elevators.

  • 1994

  • Mass. State Exposition Building entrances, ramps, lobby and bathrooms.

  • Northampton City Hall new elevator, main entrance & sidewalks, lobby & Bathrooms

  • 1993

  • Plainfield Town Hall platform lift, entry & bathrooms renovation.

  • 1992

  • Plainfield Town Offices / Library & Fire House accessibility study.

  • Clarke School for the Deaf Presidents residence, brick restoration, N’ton, Mass

  • 1991

  • Words and Pictures Museum historic Round House, code & controlled construction.

  • Beyond Words four story Main St. building altered into a book store and offices.

  • 1990

  • Woolworths building conversion to four new facades & spaces.

  • LaFiorentina Bakery and cafe renovation.

  • Inn at Northampton hotel interior pool code separation screen & restaurant projects.

1981-1989 Metcalfe-Thorne Inc., 150 Main St. Northampton, Mass;

Partnership with Brinkley Thorne and Stephen Jablonski AIA, (14 employee staff)

* Hotel Northampton Design and supervision of three additions

* 4th & 5th flr Hotel additions, 5 story addition & 6th floor construction documents.

* Interiors of Hotel Northampton (rooms, restaurants, banquet, common areas).

* Design and supervision of office building, 2 Bay Road Hadley, Mass.

* Clarke School for the Deaf Administration Bldg. interiors, Northampton, Mass

* New Medical office building, 4 Bay Road Hadley, Mass

* Inn @ Northampton renovations to interiors, Northampton, Mass

* Pediatric Medical offices renovations Holyoke & Northampton, Mass

* 4 & 5 story urban building renovations, Holyoke, & Northampton, Mass

1977 - 1981 T.W. Metcalfe III, Architect, Windsor Pond, Plainfield, Mass

Sole proprietor & construction of a solar office/residence

* Wind energy study for Pulaski NY town municipal buildings

* Design contemporary solar residences, Massachusetts and New York states

* Several multi-story urban building rehabilitation projects, Boston and Pittsfield, Mass

* Design HUD housing, Adams, Mass

* 'Downtown' graphics, North Adams, Mass

* Architectural design consulting to other architects, Pittsfield and Boston, Mass

* Consultant; Schools, vet hospitals, residences, condominiums, commercial renovations

1973-1976 Metcalfe Architecture, Syracuse, NY

Sole Proprietor

* Design of contemporary solar and wind power residences

* Syracuse University School of Architecture, Syracuse, NY, Faculty Appointment

* Invited as visiting critic, second year Design Lab Instructor

* School addition, Dexterville, NY

1971-1973 Doing Design, Syracuse, NY,

Partnership w. Luis S. Sierra, AIA

* Interior design, offices, banks, shops, malls, residences, Los Cobos Park, Puerto Rico

1967-1971 Macknight, Kirmmse, French & Sizing, Syracuse, NY,

Architectural internship for license registration following Graduate teaching internship.

* AIA Design of award Plattsburg NY sewage treatment facility, designed hospitals, administration building, airport terminal, schools, apartments, housing, Etc.


2016 Hooker Leavitt House Charlemont Ma. To provide a complete feasibility study of existing structural issues to historic reuse potentials.

David Ruggles Center Library Committee design and installation of shelving system.

2015 David Ruggles Center Display Committee Grand Opening 6-20-15, timed in honor of the 150th anniversary of "Juneteenth" The actual legally enforceable end of slavery in the USA and now public opening of the DRC for Florence History and Underground Railroad Studies.

2015 205 Nonotuck Street Design drawings for preservation of an historic era residence threatened with destruction under a demolition delay

2014 Second Prize (Silver Award) from the International Design Awards IDA 2013 for Title: "Atmospheric Ion Propulsion" in the Category: "Transportation", Sub Category: "Aircraft / Aerospace".

2014 Erastus Hopkins House preservation acting as the developer to preserve and later reconstruct the only documented Under Ground Rail Road structure in Western Mass proposing to place it on to Historic Northampton’s campus.

2013 David Ruggles Center Restorations and accessibility ramp to get our Cert.of Occupancy.

Heart of Northampton design of downtown core tripling Pulaski park over a garage expanding into unused woods, adding multiple circulation access routes with a restored Mill River through it with a new Pond all as enhancements to public space in Northampton.

2012 Erastus Hopkins House preservation acting as the developer to move the only documented Under Ground Rail Road structure in Western Mass to Historic Northampton’s campus.

2011 Vista Dome Café a development motivation to create a multi restaurant sampler in a recycled vista dome dining car on a saved collapsing RR bridge in the center of downtown

2010 The Heart of Northampton a study of urban design for public awareness of the human & economic values to create a pond & open space to attract to the city’s heart vs over filling it

2009 David Ruggles Center museum development committee

2008 Northampton Design Forum Organizing Committee for “Design Northampton Week”

2008 David Ruggles Center for Early Florence History and Underground Railroad Studies. Founding committee to create a museum and educational research center.

2008 Pulaski Park Citizen’s Redesign Committee RFP submission and presentation

2008 NHC Study Committee to save 225 Nonotuck Street a 1.5 story 1850s building being studied to find reuse of the demolition delay potential loss.

2008 Committee for Demolition Review Northampton Demolition Delay Ordinance

2008 Nonotuck Street History Project Committee

2007 Northampton Historical Commission, Awards, Sheehan Building entrance, N’ton, Mass

2007 Northampton Historical Commission, Awards, 32-34 Pleasant St entrance, N’ton, Mass

2006 Committee for Demolition Review Northampton Demolition Delay Ordinance

2005 Northampton Historical Commission, Awards, Hawley Building entrance, N’ton, Mass

2005 President of Charged Motion Design Incorporated

2004 Director Open-Source Speech Recognition Initiative handicapped-rights-focused director

2004 Northampton Historical Commission, Awards, 180 Main St, Northampton, Mass

2003 Ballot Referendum Old Main preservation, Northampton state hospital

2003 Wm. Fenno Pratt Cottage & Noah Parsons historic preservation public awareness

2002 Old Main , Conference Center & Paradise Parkway feasibility & Market Studies

2002 Museum Addition Design Committee chair, Historic Northampton

2001 www. , Reuse Committee Chair, Northampton State Hospital

2001 Northampton Historical Commission, Annual Awards, renovation Guild Art 102 Main St.

2000 Holyoke Historical Commission, Annual Awards, restoration of Chapin Mansion

2000 NHC, Historic Preservation Awards, Restoration of 4 Historic Northampton Buildings

1999 Western Mass AIA, Executive Committee

1998 Western Mass AIA, project lead for Public Awareness of Built Environment

1997 Executive Committee, Historic Northampton

1996 Chairperson, Museum Committee, Historic Northampton

1995 Board of Directors (Trustees) Historic Northampton

1994 Preservation Award, NHC, Northampton City Hall access & renovations

1994 Northampton Historic Commission, Voting member

1993 Northampton Historical Commission, Awards Beyond Words Bookshop, N’ton Mass

1992 Award of Merit, NHC, Northampton Historic District Study Committee

1991 Northampton Historic Commission, Associate member

1990 Chairman, Northampton Historic District Study Committee

1989 Show of work at A.P.E. Limited Gallery, Northampton, Mass

1983 Show of work Berkshire Artisans Gallery, Pittsfield, Mass

1978 Merit Award, First Annual Innovations in Housing, Better Homes and Gardens, American Plywood Association, and Progressive Architecture

1974 Design Award, New York State AIA at MKFS architects, for 4 concrete Plattsburg Sewage Treatment Plant buildings

1964 Fisher Body Craftsman Guild, 1st Place, Regional Automobile Design Award New York State

1963 Fisher Body Craftsman Guild, 1st Place, Regional Automobile Design Award New York State

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Tristram Walker Metcalfe

T. Walker Metcalfe grew up in Western Massachusetts living in and around the Pioneer Valley. Inspired by his father Tristram, Walker’s experience in the study of architecture began in earnest during high school with an emphasis in art and drafting courses. In 2003 he attended the Architecture & Design program of the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. Throughout the seven years of his formal architecture study and since his graduation in 2010 with a Master of Architecture degree, Walker has enjoyed working in the professional fields of both construction and design with a variety of firms. Additionally, Walker received his Permaculture Design certification in 2009. He is interested in energy efficiency, edible landscaping and the relationships between buildings, inhabitants and the natural environment.




Misson Statement

This office currently has one principal architect and one Partner Associate who has joined the firm with his Masters of Architecture degree.

The other ‘Associates’ are freelance consultants; engineers, specialists, environmentalists & draft persons who support the development of our design work on into the construction documents.
Our low overhead allows us the ability to spend time on the most important issue in Architecture of seeing the wide vision potentials.
This enables creation of the best designs to actually become great architecture. Creative wide angle vision in design is the most important value of any architect and it also most often costs less than short sighted vision.
With great design comes the maximum value in the important issue of inspiring the human experience. When design potential is ignored or overlooked by developers they are settling for less.
Our 46+ years of professional practice experience offers our client’s built results that will enjoy high value design.

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